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Air Jordan 8

Air Jordan 8  available in 1993. Reflects the focus on technology design at that time Air Jordan 8   in the design of a major breakthrough. The most prominent is the cross gluing shoe designed to enhance the stability of the shoe. Running shoes in the bottom draw design, significantly cut the rubber material, reducing the weight of the shoe, the tongue with a towel material plus trapeze signs. Followed by the middle of the sides and soles of some abstract art of design and add more color. Jordan in the year after three consecutive suddenly announced his retirement, many fans thought he would never return to the court, so the  Air Jordan 8  identified in the court on behalf of Michael Jordan's last pair of shoes to wear, so the  Air Jordan 8  generation but also created a Nike 1993 sales record Air Jordan 8  on behalf of Michael Jordan retired the first time since before the launch, and in the Jordan family has a special significance.
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