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Air Jordan 21

Ai Jordan 21 basketball shoes, Jordan on behalf of another peak in 2006 works, Nike Air Jordan XXI basketball shoes on behalf of Joe 21. Continue along with twenty-generation IPS cushion, and more in the post-charge layer of ZOOM, the sole use of the spiral style lines with double sole pattern, played super good non-slip effect. Nike Air Jordan 21 Joe 21 on behalf of the legendary basketball shoe designed under 21, with a large area of the carbon plate, AJ does not know how many people lost to, AJ's LOGO do not know so many people playing basketball emotionally. Nike Air Jordan XXI Jordan 21 basketball shoes from the appearance on behalf of the design series of simple continuation of Jordan sub-frame, the entire pair of shoes full of flow lines, and inner ankle high boots can provide good protection for the ankle. Nike Air Jordan XXI Jordan 21 basketball shoes in the end on behalf of a large area of the carbon plate, while reducing the arch part of the outsole material, reduce weight, provide a good balance. Nike Air Jordan 21 Jordan 21 generation of basketball shoes and shoe fans for fans feeling the first time the latest generation of Air Jordan shoes charm