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Air Jordan 19

Air Jordan 19 generation, is one of the most poisonous snake in Africa who draw the design. This is the black mamba snake, which is the most toxic and the world's fastest snake. It can take up to 19 kilometers per hour chase prey, once it bites people, nearly 100% fatality rate. If Jordan is a 14-generation design metaphor of the panther's speed and dexterityAir Jordan 19 generation can learn from the black mamba snake that physical fitness and to rival in the resurrection of the toxicity, two different animals completely metaphor of the style of Jordan on the court Air Jordan 19 generation of the snake-based, which is full of the snake spirit of the air. The shoes of the most unconventional design, is imitation snakeskin shoes of the preparation of the surface of the shoe covers. 16 generations from the beginning, Jordan shoes, shoelaces will always be something covered Air Jordan 19-generation is no exception, plastic woven fabric uppers are largely overshadowed. The difference is that with the previous three generationsAir Jordan 19 generations of the cover concept was completely refreshed. Plastic woven fabric as a snakeskin design drawing, in motion and no more wrinkles and affect the foot feeling, the shoe will be automatically with the deformation of the foot twisted to form a hard plastic shoe covers because of their fiber toughness but can not be exaggerated upper deformation, only served to protect the injured foot, but that the role of sub-deformation, but also because of their toughness and will not hinder the user's foot during exercise any reasonable action.
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