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Air Jordan 10

Air Jordan 10 generation, available in 1995. I'm back after 17 months, Jordan comeback, shaking the world and because a few trapeze. The introduction of  Air Jordan 10-generation launch coincides with the Air Jordan 10 anniversary of Jordan series, it also marks the birth of the myth of a sports brand, not a player in history to be made ​​from the series can be sustained in such a long time Air Jordan 10 generations of the most special place in its sole, is recorded from 1985 to 1994, 10 years Jordan honors and special experience for people on the trapeze in a awe Air Jordan 10 generations of design can be seen on some of the shadow of modern shoes was in 1995 when the shoes design philosophy to new heights Air Jordan 10-generation look more compact, even in the upper Jordan and Nike could not find any sign of trapeze signs appear only in the sole and heel. Technology is still in use built-in cushion, elastic lace design with a buckle, lace is still round, after an increase of sandals to keep up with the rings